Network for Information and Digital Access



Many more people are able to access, produce and disseminate the information they require for equitable and sustainable development.


NIDA works with colleagues and partners around the world to promote and stimulate access and effective utilisation of information and knowledge.

Our main focus is public access to information and services which provide it.  

Our underlying approach is to strengthen capacity, and each member of our team has many years experience in the field. Through our extensive networks, we are able to share lessons learned and build on experience. Our strength lies in facilitating partnerships and activities between country stakeholders, programmes and activities, and development agencies.

We have specific interest in:

  • the transformation of information services
  • local content, in print and digital environments
  • the development of ‘literacies’ for the modern era (information, digital. media, scientific)
  • research
  • programme development and review
  • facilitating training
  • organising events and meetings showcasing good practice
  • impact assessment of ongoing or completed programmes/activities.