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Evergreen & DFRobot Kit Pilot Project

DFRobotThe Partnership: DFRobot Community has always been a group that adheres to the slogan of “share the joy of sharing” and to provide a wide range of creative products and tutorial contents for most makers and fans. This time, DFRobot collaborates with the Science and Technology Center (STC) of Evergreen Education Foundation (EEF). 

The Purpose: through hardware swapping activities, DFRobot brings more opportunities to a broader range of teachers, familiarizing them with Maker Education, and allows them preemptive opportunities to experience the educational kit of DFRobot.

The Audience: High School teachers who are working with the schools affiliated with the Evergreen Education Foundation. 

The Kits: DFRobot provides 12 Free Arduino sets and related instructions. 

The Participants: 6 Rural China High Schools.

  • Gansu Province 4 schools: Tongwei No.1 High School, Tongwei No.3 High School, Maying High School and Tianzhu No.1 High School. 
  • Shanxi Province 1 school: Danfeng High School. 
  • Guizhou Province 1 school: Kaili No.1 School. From 1st April to 10th June 2017, 7 Teachers and 90+ Students. 

The Time Frame: 2-month free trial (May/June 2017) with materials provided by DFRobot.

The Pilot Goal: to gain Maker experience in Arduino projects, provide more access to Maker activity, and enable hands-on projects. 

The Requirement: complete 9-16 small hands-on projects, submitting periodic review documents and videos as feedback to the activities by the end of the project. 

The Award: the most excellent maker educator selected by EEF STC team will win a RMB1,000 voucher towards DFRobot Arduino kit sets.

Download a copy of an EEF review of the Initiative after the first 4 weeks