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Reports and Bibliographies

Impact Assessment Working Papers: analysis of impact assessment, based on selected bibliographies (2013 - 2018).
Online view of working paper with option to download.

Bibliographies of Complete Resource Discovery: which includes all impact assessment (IA's) plus descriptive resources.
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Published Reviews: being current reviews of impact assessment (2013 -2018). For which additional analyses will not be undertaken by NIDA.

*Analysis dependent on identification of interested research partners and/or funding.

Impact Assessment Reports Bibliographies of Complete Resource Discovery Published Reviews
1. Events, meetings, performances
1. Exhibitions (See reviews) Download Science Museums and Science Education Exhibitions as learning environments: a review of empirical research on students’ science learning at Natural History Museums, Science Museums and Science Centres
2. Expo* Download
3. Festivals(Working paper) Download
4. Movies (See Review) Download Literature review: Use of commercial films as a teaching resource for health sciences students
5. Picnics* Download
6. Science Fairs(Working paper) Download
7. Seminars* Download
8. Talks* Download
9. TED Talks* Download
10. Theatre(Working paper) Download
11. Workshops(In progress) Download
2. Education and training - including online
12. Colloquia(Under discussion) Download
13. Courses(Under discussion) Download
14. Curricula (Under discussion)(See review) Download What Works: Using Curriculum and Pedagogy to Increase Girls' Interest and Participation in Science
15. E-learning (See reviews) Download Effects of e-learning in a continuing education context on nursing care: a review of systematic qualitative, quantitative and mixed studies reviews (protocol) E‐learning for health professionals Learning outcome achievement in non-traditional (virtual and remote) versus traditional (hands-on) laboratories: A review of the empirical research Evaluation of use of e-Learning in undergraduate radiology education: A review Impact of e-learning on nurses’ and student nurses knowledge, skills, and satisfaction: A systematic review and meta-analysis E-learning & information communication technology (ICT) in nursing education: A review of the literature E-Learning in Postsecondary Education Using e-learning for student sustainability literacy: framework and review
16. Webinars (See reviews) Download MOOCs and Library and Information Science Domain: A Review of Selected Literature
3. Traditional publishing and journalism - print and broadcast
17. Animations(See review) Download A narrative literature review of games, animations and simulations to teach research methods and statistics
18. Books* Download
19. Brochures* Download
20. Cartoons(See reviews) Download Concept Cartoons: What Have We Learnt? Effectiveness of using picture-based health education for people with low health literacy: An integrative review
21. Comics(See review) Download The potential of comics in science communication
22. Games(See reviews) Download Measuring Effectiveness in Digital Game-Based Learning: A Methodological Review Promoting Children's Health with Digital Games: A Review of Reviews A systematic literature review on serious games evaluation: An application to software project management Digital games for nutrition and healthy eating: A systematic review Gaming science: the “Gamification” of scientific thinking Systematic Literature Review of Games-based Learning Empirical Evidence in Primary Education Gameplay Engagement and Learning in Game-Based Learning: A Systematic Review Game-Based Learning in Science Education: A Review of Relevant Research A narrative literature review of games, animations and simulations to teach research methods and statistics Digital Games, Design, and Learning: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis A Literature Review of Gaming in Education Games and Diabetes: A Review Investigating Theoretical Frameworks, Evaluation Methodologies, and Opportunities for Design Grounded in Learning Theories Game Design and Homemade Powerpoint Games: An Examination of the Justifications and a Review of the Research
23. Graphics* Download
24. Posters(See review) Download What is the evidence that poster presentations are effective in promoting knowledge transfer? A state of the art review
25. Publications To be allocated
26. Radio* Download
27. Reports* Download
28. Television(See reviews) Download Television as a source of information on health and illness – review of benefits and problems Mapping research on health topics presented in prime-time TV dramas in “developed” countries: A literature review
29. Videos(Working paper in progress) Download Assessing the Impact of Educational Video on Student Engagement, Critical Thinking and Learning: The Current State of Play (White Paper) Use of videos to support teaching and learning of clinical skills in nursing education: A review
4. Activities and services
30. Competitions* Download
31. Experiments(See review) Download Learning outcome achievement in non-traditional (virtual and remote) versus traditional (hands-on) laboratories: A review of the empirical research
32. Makerspaces (Working paper in progress)(See review) Download Learning through Making and Maker Education
33. Mobile Classrooms* Download
34. Mobile Laboratories* Download
5. Online interactions
35. Blogs(See review) Download Using Blogs as a Qualitative Health Research Tool: A Scoping Review
36. e-Books* Download
37. e-Zines* Download
38. Mobile apps(See reviews) Download Mobiles For Reading: A Landscape Research Review iPads in higher education-Hype and hope Can Mobile Phone Apps Influence People’s Health Behavior Change? An Evidence Review Using Mobile Apps to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle Among Adolescents and Students: A Review of the Theoretical Basis and Lessons Learned Mobile phone-based interventions for smoking cessation Mobile apps for science learning: Review of research Effectiveness of Mobile Apps for Smoking Cessation: A Review Youth Mental Health Interventions via Mobile Phones: A Scoping Review What do we know about mobile applications for diabetes self-management? A review of reviews Patient-Facing Mobile Apps to Treat High-Need, High-Cost Populations: A Scoping Review Use of Mobile Devices to Access Resources Among Health Professions Students: A Systematic Review
39. Podcasts* Download
40. Social Media(See reviews) Download Social media use among patients and caregivers: a scoping review Interactive social media interventions to promote health equity: an overview of reviews Users, Uses, and Effects of Social Media in Dietetic Practice: Scoping Review of the Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence Health outcomes and related effects of using social media in chronic disease management: A literature review and analysis of affordances A New Dimension of Health Care: Systematic Review of the Uses, Benefits, and Limitations of Social Media for Health Communication Social Media and HIV:A Systematic Review of Uses of Social Media in HIV Communication Is Facebook still a suitable technology-enhanced learning environment? An updated critical review of the literature from 2012 to 2015
41. Websites* Download
42. Wikis(See reviews) Download Wikis and Collaborative Writing Applications in Health Care: A Scoping Review Evaluating the impact of wikis on student learning outcomes: an integrative review
6. Multiliteracies/Multimodalities
43. Multiliteracy* Download
44. Multimodality* Download
7. Citizen science
45. Citizen Science(Under discussion) Download The impact of Citizen Science activities on participant behaviour and attitude: Review of existing studies A Role for Nature-Based Citizen Science in Promoting Individual and Collective Climate Change Action? A Systematic Review of Learning Outcomes

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